Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sailing Across the Quilt...

This one took me a while...2 days! But I loved doing it! My pictures posted backwards, I meant for the sketch at the bottom to be the first picture. Before I did any quilting I sketched and sketched several different ideas. The one I finally decided on, ended up surprising me! After doing the first block, I was thrilled to see that the sailboat looked like it was actually in motion. Carol did a fantastic job putting this top together. Thanks Carol for having me quilt your top, I enjoyed it!

The quilt was for Carol's grandson, seen here with his mom and little sister. He had not seen the quilt until now, and was very excited. He was so polite too, using all his "pleases" and "thank you's" when he spoke to me. What a sweetie!

The trick was to see if I could do the wind around the sailboat all in one pass. It worked!

I did whimsey in the sashing, waves in the sea, and meandering in the big red border.

The different ideas I thought about doing.

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