Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Twist...

This beautiful quilt, pieced with hand-dyed batiks, floats on a large white background. Free-form feather was appropriate for filling in the spaces and elegantly complemented the star.

I didn't do any custom/fussy designs in or around the star, just F.F all over. Often this is just as effective as doing pre-planned individual designs. It worked beautifully to do the same design over the star as the background.

Here's the New Twist that I threw in. There are many variations that I like to do with basic F.F. This design adds a fresh look. While the quilt top was pieced in a traditional pattern, the zesty batiks on the polka dot background gave it a modern appearance. F. F. with a twist added the perfect finish.

It snapped this pic to show how gynormous this doosey of quilt was. I'd say it was a generous queen size. It took me a LONG time to finish....but it was worthwhile. I think it turned out smashing!

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