Saturday, January 24, 2009

Old McDonald Had a Farm!

EEEE-IIII-EEEE-IIII-O! And on that farm he had a cow....
With a Moo-moo-here & a moo-moo there...

And a cockle-doodle-doo!
This darn picture still didn't post rightside up even though I flipped it!

I am very proud of how Mr. Rooster turned out.

And a cluck, cluck, there...The old hen decided to be ornery and flipped herself!

Nancy and I.
The entire farmyard.
And a baah, baah, here & and a baah, baah there!
There were no boundaries on the quilting for this one! FREEDOM! This one was SOOO fun! My adopted grandmother, Nancy, did a fantastic piecing job! Thanks Nancy for letting me play with this one! Love you!

And a nay, nay here & a nay, nay there!

Old Mcdonald had a farm! EEEEE-IIIII-EEEEE-IIIII-O!

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