Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fancy Quilting...So fun!

This is a quilt which I did a few months back, before I started my blog. Debbie did such a beautiful job piecing this massive kingsize quilt. She told me the words I love to hear most from my customers: "Do whatever you want on it." So I went to town. This quilt had many large open spaces with simple fabric prints that allowed me to get a little fancy with the quilting. I played and played and did various basic quilting stitches in the many borders, and really took my time with the center of the quilt. I made the house look like a log cabin.
I sewed across the windows. The sun in the corner was fun to do - I wanted it to turn out more whimsical than realistic.

I took a chance, I tried a flower box for the first time. I was thrilled with the tulips and butterfly. The window was very large and I had quilting fairly heavily around it so I needed to be sure to quilt closely in the entire space of the window. The tulips only took up half the space, and it was still poofy above them and needed more quilting. That's were the butterfly came in.

This pic posted wrong, but that is the chimney which I made into a stone chimney. Fun! And for the sky behind it, I did a mixture of paisleys, curliques, and teardrops.

The feathers in the cream triangles turned out well.

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Penn and Janet said...

Beautiful quilting, Bethany!
Hello from New Hampshire!!