Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photos, Photos & More Photos!

Barbara, I have to say this is one of the best photo quilts I have seen. I kept staring at it all week. It was fun to guess who was who. Like in the picture below, it's obvious that the three boys are the same men who are seen in the tuxedos with their dad. This quilt is truly a family treasure.

The quilting definitely needed to stay low-key and not steal the show. The dark, golden-brown thread blended well over all the reds, blues, blacks, and mult-colored border.

I had some long rectangles at the bottom corner of the quilt top. One row of big whimsey loops would've looked odd in this space. Ribbons ended up being the perfect solution because they echoed the loopey whimsey but also filled up enough of the space.

I got my brother to take this pic. He is six feet tall, that's why it appears that you're looking down at me! Haha!

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