Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow? Really? I Can't Believe It!

Three days ago I was roller-blading through the nearby park in a t-shirt. Today I woke up to five inches of snow. How do you explain that? All's I can say is, it's typical for North Carolina. We don't normally get snow every least not this much of it. Usually it snows one night and then melts completely the following day. This time we got tons of sleet and the temperature remained freezing cold! My sisters and I took a break to go out and "play" in the snow. Yeah, I know, we're just about through with college and should be too old for that stuff....but we just couldn't resist launching snowballs at each other. We didn't last long against the fierce wind which was plastering our faces with sharp sleet. Ouch! The landscape was beautiful at least; so it was worth the trek to snap a few pictures. I did manage to start and complete a customer's quilt today. I plan to load a king size one tomorrow. I still have tons of photos of the Butterfly Garden Quilt; so stay tuned for more photos! I plan to take advantage of not being able to go anywhere. Sometimes it's really nice to be snug and comfy at home.

My sister was making me crack up when she took this photo.

Here's the clown herself...

The twins are not only my sisters, but my best friends. Candace is in the red hat and Caitlyn's the cool chick sporting the shades.
Goofiness at it's best...(Do you like my hat? I knit it. It's my favorite snow hat.)

More of Thing 1 & Thing 2 ~ i.e. Candace and Caitlyn.

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Penn and Janet said...

Hey, now you look like Vermont!! Enjoy it!
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