Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Hint of Spring...

Pam loved her quilts! The leaves & vines and free-form feather designs turned out perfectly. She did a great job with the piecing and color schemes for these two quilts. The addition of the paisley motif always adds a new dimension to my free form feather design. The paisley motif was also appropriate due to the many paisley printed fabrics in the quilt. The elegant, flowing feel of the ff feather complimented the pattern Pam used. And of course, ribbons always glam up the quilt! I love "tossing" them on.

Pam's little green quilt seen below, was the first time I ever tried doing the all-over leaf and vine design. Whenever I try a new design I practice drawing it. If it can be drawn, it can be sewn. So I drew & drew & drew....and drew some more. As a matter of fact, I pulled a wad of paper out of the printer and doodled away. The practice paid off! It was a success...the design really made the quilt. And it was fairly easy to work around the appliqued border. I didn't have to constantly stop and start.

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