Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's SpOoKtacular!!! #1

My friend Kris has been at it again. She always pics really great quilt patterns to make with really fabulous fabric combinations. I love the colors and craziness of her latest Halloween quilt. Her only request for the quilting was that I make it "spooky" and just to have fun - and maybe throw in some spider webs etc....Well I didn't have fun, I HAD A BLAST quilting this baby!!! I was very proud of how my first-ever spider webs turned out. I kept thinking: "Oh, there's another perfect spot to stitch a spider web in!" And of course I had to throw in spiders; they turned out so whimsical and cute. I still have several more photos of this quilt that I will be posting in the near future. As soon as I can get my first math test (yuck!) out of the way for school I will have some more time to blog. Actually, I might be blogging more frequently. I can't wait to un-wind after a long day at school and blogging is definitely one of my favorite ways to de-stress and enjoy myself. After several hours of homework/quilting I can give myself permission to create a blog post for just half an hour, right?! Then's just the beginning of the semester so....we'll see just how intense all my classes really get...hehehe...gulp.


Wendy said...

SO cute!
And I love the pebbles around the skellie.
You *both* did a great job!

Brittanygirl said...

Fantastic quilts - I love your work. I too had trouble with photos coming sideways. Now I save them to desktop and print them from their, or email them to myself and then save to desktop and print from there. It works for me - I hope it will for you.