Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Touch of Pizazz

This picture was taken just a few months ago. My mom, Nancy, started our longarm business over a decade ago and has taught me all the in's & out's of quilting. She's a fabulous coach and skill instructor! Occasionally, I post some of her work on my blog as well as mine. Below is a lovely chocolate brown and blue quilt she just finished for a customer & long time friend who's name also happens to be Nancy. The overall water-ripple meandering complimented the quilt without dominating it. The quilting added some needed pizazz without taking away from the snuggly feel of the colors and pattern. You go MOM!

This quilt was a large twin. Here it looks bigger than that, but it is because Mom loaded it lengthwise. This made doing the directional quilting much easier. (Another tip I was reminded of, I'm always learning from her!)

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Kalyxcorn said...

i like it! hoping to stop by sometime in the next couple of weeks to get Robin's quilt!! :)