Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swirling Whimsey

My adopted grandmother Nancy gave me another one of her beauties to quilt! It is rich array of colorful batiks set off by a dark purple background. She is making it for one of her grandchildren who will soon be going to study abroad. The country where she will be staying is quite cold, so Nancy put flannel on the back of the quilt and requested 100% wool batting. The lofty batting in combination with the soft flannel and a colorful block arrangement, made for a quilt that is both stunning and snuggly. I was sure to make the quilting open and big. This prevented the batting from being flattened. Part of the appeal of the wool batting is it's incredible poofiness. (if that's a word) The most open type of quilting I do is whimsey. But this seemed too whimsical for such an exquisite quilt. So I added some swirls. The quilting turned out better than I anticipated.

The quilt looked like a jewel collection - such lovely colors.

Me and my adopted grandmother... In the post below this one, you will see a quilt that is identical in pattern to this one. It was also done by Nancy for a grandson of hers who is also off to college. It was fun doing a guy and girl version of the same quilt. They both took on entirely different personalities. (every quilt has a personality) See you again soon! I have so much to post!!!

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