Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello Sweden!

Göteborg, Vastra Gotaland or more simply...Sweden has been stopping by my blog on a regular basis. This post is just for you Swedes out there who have been following my blog. Thank you! I would love to hear from you - who you are, what you do - quilter or not, what it's like where you live in Sweden. Are you on Gotland Island? I googled Sweden, but that's not half as exciting as getting to meet you! So please, shout a hello my way! Send some pictures! You know about what I do...what do you do? I know there's more than one of you because I saw that someone shared my blog with an entire Swedish yahoo group...that was pretty cool! Please email me or leave me a comment! And definitely keep visiting!!! Email:

Below are some interesting facts I found about Sweden...

>Sweden's largest and most populated islands are Oland and Gotland, located off the eastern coast in the Baltic Sea.

>Sweden comprises about 174,000 miles of dense forest and 100,000 lakes. The fourth largest country in Europe, it can be compared in size to California.

>Sweden is generally divided into three main regions: Norrland is the mountainous northern zone, Svealand is the hilly, lake-filled region located in central Sweden, and Gotaland is the country's broad southern plateau.

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