Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tools & Tricks for the 3 day Quiltathon....

As you can see from the picture above, this quilt was a biggon'!!! It was a large king...something in the neighborhood of 120"x120"....yeah like I said....humongous!!! My sisters strained to hold it up for the 3 minutes it took to snap a couple of pictures. They are actually standing on our 12 foot deck holding the quilt over the railing - it still almost touched the ground!!!

Planning, rehearsing, birthing ideas, ditching ideas, sketching, refining sketches, practicing new designs a bizillion times, figuring out how to execute my ideas in the most productive way, strategizing.....these are just of few of the things I did for the 3 days. I always keep a sketchbook and I have certain quilting books I love to reference when doing a challenging quilt.

I made several paper templates that were identical in size to the triangles in the border that I was working on. Upon completing the 20th/25th sketch, I decided I was ready to tackle the real thing.

This acrylic template was the perfect size for marking the vein of the feather! When I sew my feathers, I usually only mark the vein and do the feather entirely freehand. I only need a middle line of reference...More pics to come!!!

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