Monday, June 29, 2009

3 Day Kingsize Quiltathon

This quilt required 3 solid days of quilting to complete it. Whew!!! In order to get the entire quilt in one picture, I had my sisters hold it over the railing of our back deck. It is about 12 feet tall, and the quilt was so long it almost touched the grass below! It was also heavy! The twins managed to hold it for about 1 minute - just long enough for me to snap a photo! Brenda did a perfect job piecing this beauty together. She told me to "go to town" on it. I had a marvelous time quilting in feathers, curly q's, leaves, ribbons, loops, meandering, and many custom designs for some of the individual blocks. There will be more photos coming soon!


Tori said...

Wow! That is one beautiful quilt! Nice quilting!!!!
Love yah,

...SHAINA... said...

That thing is HUGE! Looks great! Hope you are having a great summer! Maybe we will have some classes together this fall!