Sunday, July 26, 2009

Freeform Flower...more from the 3 day Quiltathon

I briefly fiddled around with sketches for the perfect flower to fill this block with. I soon decided to "just go for it." Usually I make myself draw, re-draw, practice, practice, & practice a new design until I feel confident in my ability to sew it smoothly. Occasionally, as in this case, I've felt more confident just taking the plunge and designing on the go. Of course, I always have a basic idea in mind of what I'm going for, but sometimes I even surprise myself with how it turns out. This flower just kept "blossoming." All creative juices were gushing out with this one.

While I did tight, heavy quilting in the gold sections, I purposefully did not quilt in the blue areas. This resulted in highly textured gold areas that made the blue areas stand out in relief. The camara did a pretty good job of capturing this...but it was really fabulous in person. I loved doing this block.

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