Thursday, December 10, 2009


Lana did a great job with the color choices for this fabulous "Figgy Pudding" pattern. She told me to quilt it at my discretion. I LOVE hearing those words! It took a long time to plan and rehearse the many stitch designs that I sewed in the trees and blocks. At first my creative juices were not kicking in. But after I had quilted the first pass I was ready to ROCK N' ROLL!!! AND...this quilt was the perfect way to "decorate" my blog for Christmas.

Enjoy the photos...I had fun doing this one. ***Click on photos for better view***

Don't know why this one posted sideways! Oh well...

For some of the trees, I used the motiff in the pattern of the fabric. This tree had a fabulous 3D texture after I quilted around the peppermints.

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XUE said...

Wow! I love this fabric so I really love this quilt! Happy Holidays from Tokyo!