Friday, December 25, 2009

Goodies from Sweden!

I was so excited when I saw a package in the mail earlier this month from Sweden. I couldn't wait until Christmas to open it. Gudrun sent me the cutest little tea cup shaped pouch. She did an amazing job stitching it together and adding wonderful beading and embellishments. AND she picked bright favorite. The best part was when I un-zipped the pouch. The pungent aroma of strawberry tea immediately filled the air. Gudrun is a very smart lady because she also included an additional hand-crafted pouch full of chocolate Santas. Mmm, mmm...they quickly vanished.

For a long time I didn't open the gift because of how beautifully wrapped it was.
These last 2 photos of the goodies she sent me for my birthday this past fall. I love the necklace she gave me, and I have the post card taped up on the bookshelf next to my bed. The postcard is a snapshot of her beautiful Island of Hono.

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