Sunday, December 27, 2009

Carol's Quilts

I always look forward to quilting Carol's quilts. She does a beautiful job assembling them, making my job easy, and always uses rich color combinations. I recently finished these two for her. The whimsey with leaves & swirls seemed like the appropriate design to quilt the pastel, flower garden strip quilt. I had never used that design on any of Carol's quilts and she liked it very much. The pinwheel quilt took a little more time to come up with a design for. I had various ideas that would work, but knew I still hadn't found the perfect one. Carol also requested that I make sure the quilting was not too dense to ensure that the quilts would have good drape. They will be used on her granddaughter's beds. I finally decided on ribbons and used the ditches of the rows as my guide. The ribbons worked out well! Carol loved how they looked on the quilt. They added a lot of movement to the quilt, setting the pinwheels in motion. And they had wonderful drape!

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