Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a Doozy!!!

Sharon put together a stunning combination of fabrics. For the quilting she requested feathers in the corners. I decided to try a new kind of feather that curled in on itself. I worked and practiced for a long, looooong time. Several sketches later, I felt ready to tackle the quilt. I couldn't have been more excited about how well the feathers turned out. I always feel like I'm free-falling off a cliff when I begin taking the first stitches of a new design. Even though I've been sewing feathers for a while now, these were tricky because of how tightly they curled in on themselves and because of the fact that they had to fit into the corner squares and set-in triangles.

I also added swirls to the flames this time. This gave them a slightly more elegant look that better complimented the feel of the quilt.

Taking on the challenge of this new feather design was worth it! The quilt turned out even better than I imagined, and Sharon loved it.

Click on photos for larger view.

Smaller curly-q borders...

Set-in triangle feathers and swirling flames...
This photo really shows off Sharon's excellent composition of colors.

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