Friday, November 27, 2009

The Crab is Crawling off the Quilt!!!!

See what I mean??? (read the last post if you haven't already...) My friend and long time customer Kris did a fabulous job with her hand-stitched redwork and overall quilt design. I wanted so badly to go skipping down by the seashore after quilting this beauty. Once again my Mermaid Hair background filler added pizazz and movement without stealing the show. This stitch motif has become one of my favorites. It brings things to life. The crab, for example, was an elegant, yet "flat" redwork pattern. After breaking up all that white background with some Mermaid Hair action...Mr. Crab there looks likes he's gonna' crawl right off the quilt. I can't wait to share more snapshots of this one, like the light house and star fish blocks. MORE PHOTOS COMING stay tuned people as I take you down by the seashore....

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