Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stash Dash Quilt Up Close, Part 4

This block turned out simply dynamite! For once I did not practice drawing the design before sewing it....I just went for it! I love free-wheeling it with the quilting. During the entire quilting process for the Bernina Stash Dash quilt I carefully rehearsed and drew and re-drew everything before stitching anything. So when I came to this block, it was thoroughly refreshing to just dive in!

No quilting in the purple added to the 3 dimensional look of this block. The quilting overall set this block spinning in motion. It almost looks like a pinwheel swirling in the breeze.
These last 2 photos show the quilting I did in the 4 cornerstone blocks at the edges of the quilt. Minimum quilting seemed the most appropriate option due to the fact that these stars are the last thing seen by the viewer. Because of this and the fact that the viewer's attention needed to be directed to the central, grand star I simply wiggle stitched in the ditch. The beauty of the block itself is in its traditional design and rich colors. The quilting therefore needed to quietly blend in and enhance the block without calling attention to itself.

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