Saturday, October 3, 2009

At Bernina...

Today I had the pleasure of going to Bernina. I was delighted to see the Stash Dash quilt I slaved over hanging so beautifully in the classroom. To those of you who live near or in the Raleigh area, I highly recommend an outing to Bernina. They have quite a few classes they are offering and lots of fabrics and all sorts of things for the everyday quilter. I enjoyed chatting with Marilyn (shop owner seen below.) I was so flattered today when, during the Bernina club meeting, she pointed out "what a great job" I had done quilting the Heart of Carolina Stash Dash quilt. I really appreciated that. Then all the ladies in the club applauded me...thank you ladies!

I visited Bernina Club today to see quilt Artist, Roxane Lessa. Her brilliant work was inspiring. She had several great ideas for machine quilting designs and shared several magnificent and intricately crafted quilts with us. WOW...she is a gifted artist.

470... that is the final head count of quilters who attended Stash Dash. That's a lot more than I estimated in a previous post!

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Debbie J said...

That certainly is a beautiful quilt! I will keep Bernina in mind if I'm ever in Raleigh with some free time on my hands.