Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning, Rehearsing and Actually Sewing!!!

I spent well over twice the time drawing this border than I did sewing it!!!! I toyed with different ideas for the border - mainly different feather variations. I knew from the beginning I'd do a feather in the border. I proceeded to sketch and sketch and sketch some more until I was satifisfied with the results. No wabbles or wiggles allowed! Feeling quite confident after all that sketching I marked the center of the feather with white chalk. I rehearsed with my finger, the path of the feather. Then I actually sewed it...FINALLY!!! The preparation for this took a loooong time. I made a template in order to be able to evenly space the undulating areas of the feather. Below are a few pics of this step by step process.
Sketches and circular template that aided in the design a border feather template.

Making the template.

Cutting out the template along the marked line.

The template is ready to be used! (the dark brown wavy line down the middle of the border there is just basting stitches.)

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