Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Debbie's Quilt Up Close

CLICK ON any of the pictures to make them larger. You can see some of the details better this way.
Lot's of ribbon was thrown here and there. Looked terrific in the skinny red borders.
This part of the quilt is the 'busiest' due to the fact that it has a stippled background, basketweave pattern in the basket, special quilting in the petals to make them pop, careful accent quilting around and in the stems of the flowers, and more ribbon in the red border that frames this center block.

This corner of the quilt showcases the 3 different types of feather designs I used. Well, technically it's the same feather...but bent in whatever direction it needs to go in order to fit in a triangle, square or gynormous border!

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Elizabeth J. said...

Lovely quilt-I really like the colors you chose. I too quilt and enjoy seeing other quilters products. Feel free to stop by my blog.