Sunday, May 23, 2010

My First Day at MQS - Gina Perkes

My first class: Fantabulous Feathers and Fills started bright and early at 8:00 Monday morning. I was so excited to finally be starting my long-anticipated week of classes at MQS. Award-winning quilt artist Gina Perkes, was ready to roll when we got to class. I learned SO much from her. She had a variety of her own unique designs to share with us. She not only demonstrated her designs, but also carefully explained the best techniques for how to do them. I highly recommend taking a class with her! The photo above is one her motifs she shared with us.
A little bit about the Artist: Gina has won several awards, such as IQA's "future of quilting" top award in 2008. She has been a guest on both "Linda's Long Arm Quilting" and Ricky Tims' & Alex Andersons' "The Quilt Show." In 2007, Gammill asked her to be their National spokesperson. She does gorgeous quilting and has made several award winning show quilts such as the one seen below. She lives in Payson, Arizona with her husband and three kids.

The best part of Gina's class was Gina. She was so laid back and fun to be with. I enjoyed interacting with her and thought that the way she handled the class was excellent. We learned so many skills, some of which were fairly advanced, without stressing!

Gina brought her award-winning quilt, Silken Defiance, for us to get an up close look at. When I asked her permission to post pictures of it she jokingly said: "Absolutely as long as you mention that I'm a super cool teacher with super cool techniques...LOL!" So let me just's a super cool quilt by a super awesome teacher! To view a full shot of this quilt, go to Gina's website here.

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