Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All the Way from Switzerland!

This past winter I was so excited to find out that I would be recieving a rush order quilt over Christmas that would be traveling all the way from Switzerland! My FIRST international quilt...yeehah! Kerri who lives in Switzerland did a marvelous job piecing her quilt top. The primary colors she picked really pop on their dark black background. Kerri knows Nicole who is the daughter of Sonja who works at the local Bernina store. Sonja has been a customer of mine for a while now. So long story short, the quilt went from Kerri, to Nicole, to Sonja & then me and back again! But what is ironically funny is that I cannot say I quilted a quilt for a Swiss woman because Kerri is from Australia! She signed her email to me: "Warmest Wishes, from Kerri, an Australian in Switzerland." Kerri, as you can see was very kind and took some lovely photos for me. She said she loved the quilting I did and uses the quilt as an accent piece on the end of her bed. Thank you Kerri! I look forward to the possiblity of quilting more quilts for you in the future! I hope you enjoy this post! Until next time...that's all folks!


Kerri said...

Hi Bethany
Thanks for the blurb you wrote about me. Yes, I am an Aussie and have been in Switzerland for a long time now. Years ago when the kids were little, we had a local quilt group with freinds from USA, Sth.Africa, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Switzerland. All members were English speaking and this is how we were able to chat about home etc. Of course we often did more chatting than quilting, but we did do some lovely work over the years. Each year at Thanksgiving we would celebrate together, and hang up our quilts to decorate the place that we had hired, and show off what we had done through the year :-)Even if time no longer permits me to hand quilt my items I still love trying to do one quilt a year . I find it very therapeutic and relaxing hobby.
Keep up your good work:-)
Warmly Kerri

Kerri said...

Hi Bethany
Thanks for the blurb:-)I am very happy with the quilt, and although I no longer have time to quilt myself, I find the maschine quilting very good. Yes I am an Aussie, however have been in Switzerland for many years now. When our children Britta 26, Lars 23, and Nina 21 were younger I was in a quilt group. We were all English speaking, and represented America, Australia, Canada, Sth. Africa and Ireland. Each month we would get together and chat about "home". When Thanksgiving came around we would hire a place and celebrate with all the trimmings. Our quilts were hung on the walls, and we all had a marvellous time together. All in all there were around 30 of us, including the kids. These days have now passed, but a couple of us still get together occasionally, and do some work. I find the work very therapeutic and relaxing, and after all these years still enjoy it immensely.
Keep up your good work Bethany.