Monday, September 21, 2009

Sea Breeze or Mermaid Hair???

Kathy, owner of Wish Upon a Quilt (see, recently asked me to quilt a top for her. When she dropped of her quilt she said that I could do whatver type of quilting I wanted on it. Hah! My favorite words to hear. The quilt top was a busy, crazy cut combination of bright fabrics arranged in an unusual color combination. This quilt is what I call "funky monkey." I liked the playful "attitude" of this quilt. Tipically, I would have done very simple quilting on this top, such as whimsey or meandering. However, it occured to me that my sea breeze/mermaid hair design would probably compliment the quilt, rather than take over. It is very important to me to be sure that whatever quilt design I stitch on the quilt compliment and finish the quilt. The feel of the quilting needs to match the feel of the quilt...not stand out stealing the show. If there are large blank areas in the quilt, then busy, super fancy quilting is appropriate. The sea breeze/mermaid hair was the perfect design for this quilt because it echoed the lively feel of the crazy patchwork design. The quilting added positive liveliness, not taking away or distracting from the overall design. Kathy was extremely pleased with how her quilt turned out. The quilting on this one really did add a whole new dimension. Mermaid Hair/Sea Breeze has fantastic texture and adds a nice flow to the quilt.

You all need to vote and leave a comment or email me to say which name you think best suits this quilting design. Mermaid hair? or Sea Breeze?

The pattern was most visible in the brown borders.
The Sea Breeze/Mermaid Hair echoed the design in the was not intended - one of those welcome coincidences.

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Christa said...

Hi Bethany,
The design reminds me of a mermaid's hair flowing in the water. Beautiful job, AGAIN!