Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What the Quilting Process Looks Like...

I am giving a 10 minute speech for my COM class and needed to do a post for it. I will be talking about my long arm quilting business. I also thought some of you would enjoy seeing some of the steps involved in the longarm quilting process. My Gammill frame is 12 feet long. The photo above shows a quilt that, has just been pinned onto the canvas attached to the metal rollers and is ready for the batting to be laid between. After those steps it's ready to be quilted (stitched) together. For sewing at night, I use the light on the machine to see. I ususally have more time to sew at night. Occasionally I turn the overhead lights on.This picture below, shows all three layers of the quilt that I stitch together when I drive the machine over them in a free motion design.
THE MACHiNE....yeeeessss it's very fun to use!!!! I've got the Power! Yeeehaaah!
Me upclose carefully and evenly moving my hands to allow for same lenghth stitches. Any jerking or speeded up hand movements causes uneven lenghth stitches. I regualte the length of the stitches by how fast I move my hands in accordance with the speed of the machine.
Quilting always makes the quilt.

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Abigail said...

Oh I love the colors in this quilt!